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The Slaughter

of Leith Hall


'See, Charlie, it might be near twenty year since Culloden, but there's plenty hard feelings still amongst the Jacobites, and no so far under the skin, ken?' 
Charlie Rob has never thought of politics, nor strayed far from his Aberdeenshire birthplace. But when John Leith of Leith Hall takes him under his wing, his life changes completely. Soon he is far from home, dealing with conspiracy and murder, and lost in a desperate hunt for justice.

Thrawn Thoughts

and Blithe Bits

Thrawn Thoughts.jpg

A collection of Lexie's short stories, some featuring Scottish Georgian detective Murray of Letho, some not; some seen before, some not; some long, some very short. Find a whole new dimension to car theft, the life history of an unfortunate Victorian rebel, a problem with dragons and a problem with draugens, and what happens when you advertise that you’ve found someone’s leg.

Quite Useful in Minor Emergencies : Sixteen Short Stories

Quite Useful.jpg

A few stories from Viking Orkney, some from Murray of Letho's Scotland, some from Hippolyta Napier's Deeside, and then a few more - sixteen fragments of random bite-sized entertainment. Take your chances!

Jail Fever (Novel)

Jail Fever.jpg

Nicholas Eliot is a bad-tempered merchant with a shady past, feeling under the weather. Catriona Lindsay is an archaeologist, leading a student dig, when she finds something unexpected. Tom Buchan is a microbiologist, investigating a new and terrible disease with a stigma. Together, their knowledge could save thousands of lives - but someone does not want them to ...

Windhorse Burning (Novel)


'I’m not mad, for a start, and I’m about as far from violent as you can get.'
When Toby's mother, Tibet activist Susan Hepplewhite, dies, he is determined to honour her memory. He finds her diaries and decides to have them translated into English. But his mother had a secret, and she was not the only one: Toby's decision will lead to obsession and murder.

The War, The Bones and Dr Cowie (Novel)

The War.jpg

Far from the London Blitz, Marian Cowie is reluctantly resting in rural Aberdeenshire when a German ’plane crashes nearby. An airman goes missing, and old bones are revealed. Marian is sure she could solve the mystery if only the villagers would stop telling her useless stories – but then the crisis comes and Marian finds the stories may have a use after all.

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